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Stipend Reimbursement - Electronic Clearance System

 Sub: Regd - Remittance of stipend reimbursement through Electronic Clearance System (ECS)


   The Board has been remitting the amounts of the stipend reimbursement through account payee cheques which are sent by post. Now, in the first instance, we are incorporating the facility of payments through ECS for remitting the amounts of the stipend reimbursement to the establishments which have accounts in the banks which come under jurisdiction of Mumbai Clearing House. This will help the establishments to get the amount without any delay .

  In order to extend the said facility to your establishment, you are requested to kindly furnish the required information accurately in the Mandate Form which can be downloaded [Download ] in accordance with the guidelines provided [Download].  Further, you are requested to send the filled Mandate Form addressed to the undersigned by name, on or before 20th May 2005. The establishments which wish to avail the above facility of remittance of stipend reimbursement through ECS may opt for receiving this remittance in their account maintained in jurisdiction on Mumbai Clearing House


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